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The Cost of Living in Canada for Indian Students 2023

Canada is one of the top countries for international students. Canada’s education system is generally known for its eligibility and diversity, which makes it likely for students to obtain an appropriate program that fits their desires. Canada also provides international students with various scholarships and grants, which can aid them in chasing their education without too much monetary burden.


Studying in Canada is measured as a satisfying investment for your future as you have access to the best education, cross-cultural experiences, and a familiar worldwide degree. For international students, getting admitted to universities and colleges in Canada needs planning and monetary obligation before you are there.

International students must meet the costs of studies and living costs in the country. There is a need for a minimum bank balance for Canada’s student visa. Citizenship and Immigration Canada needs evidence that you have enough money and funds accessible. Your college offers a cost of living approximation, and an immigration officer will follow it.


If your college or university doesn’t offer it, you will be needed to give proof of $10,000 for twelve months of living costs in Canada as a student. An added $4,000 will be needed for the spouse and an extra $3,000 for each dependent. This includes housing, feeding, health insurance, travel, books, and clothing. Canada University fees and added fees are not involved in this sum. Presently, a student visa for Canada costs approximately 150 CAD. INR. 9000. 

Students must get health and hospital insurance as healthcare in Canada is very luxurious. Public health insurance policies are running self-reliantly in each province. Most universities need an obligatory insurance policy. The coverage should be available within the first week after arrival.

 Cost of Living in Canada for Indian Students


The Cost of Living in Canada for Indian Students 2023

Some factors influence the cost of living for Indian students. They are listed here-

1. Big city life vs. Suburban areas

Like anywhere in the world, living expenses in cities are more than that in the suburbs. Most students choose on-campus housing, which is not the lowest-cost option, and always think it is more convenient. Toronto and Vancouver are the most expensive urban centers to live in.

2. Based on educational institutions

The cost of living differs from city to city. Where the school or college is situated, the best-projected living cost will depend on the university to which you are applying. As mentioned, each college offers projected fees and living costs in Canada. Most colleges have cheap and affordable on-campus boarding houses, and many colleges charge a relatively lot for the same.

Below is a table that illustrates the cost of living for international students in Canada

Tuition/school $18,907*
Fees $400
Medical Insurance $70 $840
Books $600
On-campus accommodation $600 $7,200
Mobile phone (basic package) $30 $360
Public Transit Pass $40 $480
Feeding $300 $3,600
Entertainment/Clothes $80 $960
Auto: Insurance $1,500
Fuel for car $200 $2,400


Education in Canada may be costly, but the country remains one of the best countries where international students can get the best education that they can think of. They are some regions where international students can live or stay in Canada during their studies which will help cut down accommodation expenses, living expenses feeding expenses, and extra expenses.

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Q. Which city in Canada provides more job options?

A. The most amount of jobs were added in the areas of Ontario (151 000), Quebec (98 000), BC (70 000), and Alberta (68 000).

Q. How much money do students need in a month to live in Canada as international students?

A. The cost of living in Canada differs from city to city. Canada is relatively reasonable and affordable compared to other prominent study destinations. 

Q. How much do students get paid in an hour in Canada?

A. Typically, a student receives about C$10-15 per hour in Canada, though it might differ depending on the city and job you have.


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