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Steps on How to Speed up Australia Visa Application

Visa processing in Australia has been relatively slow since the pandemic of COVID-19. Many other factors also caused delays in visa processing. However, tips and tricks for faster visa processing are available.


The Department of Home Affairs updates every detail of all Australian visas. Visa benefits, eligibility criteria, and processing times are listed on the Home Affairs website. Also, you can learn about the factors that make visa processing more difficult. This page will give tips on  how to speed up Australia visa application

 How to Speed up Australia Visa Application


Steps on How to Speed up Australia Visa Application

We have some steps for you to get your visa quickly. Here they are;

Essential tips can help you obtain your visa as soon as possible. Home Affairs is currently dealing with a high volume of Australian visa applications. They process visa applications based on the documents the applicant provides. The main factor that causes a delay in processing is incomplete or false documents. 

Making sure your visa application is ready to be decided upon when you submit it is also of utmost importance. Certain things can make it easier for Home Affairs to process your application faster.


 Below are steps you should follow for faster visa processing.

But before then, checking twice and submitting once is an approach recommended by the Department of Home Affairs for applying for visas and speeding up the process.

It is best to submit your visa application with all supporting documents. This will mean that the application is decision ready. The steps are

  • Thoroughly check through what documents are required: check if any of the documents need to be original, official, translated, or witnessed.
  • Give yourself ample time to collect the required documents; documents such as police checks may sometimes take a while.
  • Make sure that all documents contain the current and correct information, go over the spelling of names and check if the dates are correct in this order (in dd/mm/yyyy format).
  • Please ensure that you only submit each type of visa once; if you realize that you made a mistake in the application after submitting it, you should notify the Department of Affairs and give the correct information. Likewise, you can update your contact and address details.
  • Also, ensure that your contact details are up to date; please consent to receive electronic communication from the department by entering your email address into the visa application form. If the department requires further information from you, they will be able to reach you promptly.  
  • Make sure that your visa application is accessible. Ensure you have access to the application through a family member, lawyer, or migration agent.
  • Your passwords for ImmiAccount and other information must be kept confidential.
  • And once you have submitted your application, be sure to check your ImmiAccount always. It will help you get a faster visa decision if you promptly respond to Home Affairs requests. 

Four Things to have in mind while Preparing Your Visa Application 

  1. Be sure to consider the following factors when submitting your visa application for Australia:
  2. You must provide all necessary information and documentation for your visa.
  3.  Ensure you have enough time to collect the necessary documents and information. Getting copies of your official documents can take longer than you think. And these official documents include birth and marriage certificates, police checks, translations of your documents, and medical records.
  4.  Before submitting your application, ensure that all information is factual. Your name should be spelled correctly, matching the name on your passport; this includes your middle name. In addition, make sure that your device has not automatically corrected your names.
  5.  Make sure that you submit your application well before the time of your trip to Australia.

The Key reasons that cause delays in Australian visa application 

  1. Missed out on documentation
  2. Health issues and character
  3. Submission of multiple visa applications for the same type of visa.


For quicker visa processing, the Department of Home Affairs requests that you double-check your application to ensure everything is perfect before submission. Make sure to complete all the required documents and get everything the department has asked for. Applicants often need to correct their application for a visa, increasing the chances of their visa being refused. So here in this article are the steps how on how to speed up your Australia visa application. 

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