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The 7 Part-time Work in Canada for International Students

The 7 Part-time Work in Canada for International Students


Working while studying in Canada gives you excellent job experience, specifically if you plan to apply for permanent residence in due course.

You can work 20 hours a week on a Canadian student visa at a paid job. This is the determined or maximum number of hours you are permitted to work for. The universities advise students registered in or enrolled in demanding or intensive courses to work for 12 hours weekly. This is because working more than the allotted hours can harm a student’s academic performance. Therefore, you may cut the number of working hours if you cannot uphold a work-study-life balance.


Monetary Pay

Typically, during part-time jobs, students are paid hourly. The range of pay is about $10 per hour, on average. If your goal is to get work experience, such as helping your lecturer with research work, you do not need a work permit. Ensure you relate well with your lecturers if you want to be working together with them. It could help you enter academia if your selected career pathway is research. This type of work has to be on-campus and will be paid a lesser amount; you can work outside the required number of work hours. So, with only the student visa, you may still involve in academic work on campus.

When an international student wants to work off-campus, he may apply for an off-campus work permit after concluding six months of study. That permit will permit the student to work 20 hours a week off-campus.


 Part-time Work in Canada for International Students

The 7 Part-time Work in Canada for International Students

Here are the 7 Part-time Work in Canada for International Students:

Highest Part-time Jobs in Canada for International Students

The salary for part-time jobs can vary based on the work they get. The average salary for a part-time job can be CAD 22 per hour; however, students are paid by hours for part-time work, around CAD 10/hour. Also, wages for part-time work can differ from city to city.



Customer service representative

Cook 13-15
Clerk 15
Sales associate 12
Teacher 20-22
Web designer 20
Merchandiser 13

Other Part-time Work in Canada for International Students

Some other Highest Paying Part-time Jobs in Canada for International Students

  1. Server/bartender
  2. Sales assistant 
  3. Barista 
  4. Dog walker
  5. Tutor Ride-sharing driver/delivery driver 

How to get a Part-time Job

Every colleges and university have notice boards on campus, where on-campus job openings are publicized or advertised. There should equally be websites carrying information or details concerning similar job openings.

International students may work in teashops, restaurants, and coffee shops; retail stores like clothing or sports goods stores; lifeguards or swimming coaches at a college swimming pool or the beach; bookshops, libraries, etc. When you are bilingual, you can work as an interpreter. Since Canada is multicultural, translator/interpreter services are extensively needed.

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How to Apply for an International Student Loan in Canada


Visa and Part-time Work

Students have to know the difference between S-1 and SW-1 Visas.

  1. S-1 Visa is for Study Visa only
  2. SW-1 Visa is both for Study and Work Visa (issued to students who have obligatory work, internship, or co-op program that needs Credits of Work)
  3. You can work with S-1 Visa equally for as long as 20 hours a week (part-time) during classes. And during the holiday period, full-time work is permitted. In addition, when you get a co-op, you can have your S-1 Visa promoted or upgraded to SW-1 Visa without an added cost.


Part-time jobs will aid most international students who need more money for their tuition/school fees and other expenses and need someone to sponsor them to pay for their studies.


1. How many hours is an international student expected to work part-time in Canada?

You can work up to 20 hours a week. Working more than 20 hours weekly defiles your study permit terms and conditions.

2. Can an international student work more than 40 hours a week in Canada during a break?

Beginning from November 15, 2022, international students in Canada who have off-campus work permission on their study permit will be permitted to work past the 20 hours in a-week limitation.


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