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Top 8 Most Popular Student Cities in Canada

Do you dream of studying in Canada but need help deciding which city to stay in? Study the post to see the best cities in Canada for students. Canada is the destination of most of the best universities worldwide, as stated by most worldwide or global ranking partners.


These universities are situated in most of the well-known cities of Canada, such as Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, etc. There are many large and small cities for students to study in Canada. These cities lives are like those of the US, providing students with employment options.

Canada’s population of about 31 million individuals replicates a cultural, linguistic, and ethnic combination that is unique worldwide. Canadian cultural diversity is based on the belief that all citizens are alike and that diversity reinforces society. Below is a quick explanation of life in Canada’s most famous student cities, including the cost of living, the businesses, etc. This should provide a rough overview of how city life will suit your needs.


Most Popular Student Cities in Canada

Top 8 Most Popular Student Cities in Canada

Popular Students Cities of Canada:

1. Lower Mainland, BC

Vancouver is the eighth-main place in Canada, with over 603,000 populations. People enjoy a temperate climate that permits them to partake in more open-air events throughout the year. Transportation, accommodation, feeding, household properties, clothing, and entertainment costs make Vancouver among the three most expensive cities. 


2. The Interior, BC

This area includes cities like Nelson, Kelowna, Kamloops, and Penticton. Coal and ores have been the leading commercial industries for generations in the Kootenay area, while forestry sways in the Thompson Okanagan area. Compared to Vancouver, the cost of living is lower, particularly regarding housing.

3. Calgary, Alberta

Calgary is the biggest city in the western Canadian province of Alberta. The place provides the best platform for students to study in Canada. With exposed or open spaces, rivers, mountains, and more sunshine than other Canadian cities, Calgary is a lovely place to live. The cost of living in Calgary becomes even more convenient when Alberta’s little provincial levies are considered.

4. Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton is the capital city of the Canadian area of Alberta. Individuals could own a house or home in Edmonton at a minor age due to the lower property prices than in some other Canadian cities. Edmonton provides the maximum average household income in Canada and an inexpensive cost of living. Levies are lesser than somewhere else within Canada.

5. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Saskatoon is the biggest city in the province and the 17th most extensive Census Metropolitan Area within Canada. The Saskatoon area has more options for businesses and individuals due to its infrastructure, study/research and development facilities, natural resources, and educated labor force. Incomes in Saskatoon are modest compared with the province and country.

6. Winnipeg, Manitoba

Base (home) to more than 740,000 populations, Winnipeg is a culturally varied city. The city is the capital and principal city of the province of Manitoba in Canada. Employment opportunities in Manitoba have risen lately, with a minimum of 2000 new jobs. Accommodations, energy (electricity), auto insurance, and tuition are all obtainable at the lowest charges in Canada.

7. Montreal, Quebec Montreal

Montreal, Quebec Montreal is Canada’s second-main city in Canada with residents of 3.6 million people and the most crowded city in the Canadian area of Quebec. Speaking and understanding French is significant if you wish to study or live somewhere in Quebec. Costs in Montreal are far lesser than in other main cities, whether for feeding, accommodation, studies, clothing, or medical care system.

8. Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa is the capital of Canada. Quality of living is strongminded by factors such as safety and security, health, transportation, consumer goods, and education opportunities. For the last few years, home prices have risen substantially in Ottawa. Ottawa’s living costs are reasonable when compared to Canada’s larger cities.


There are affordable cities in Canada where students can live and study. Read the article and find out which city is best suited for your needs as a student in Canada.

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