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The 11 Most Popular Part-time Campus Jobs for Students in the US

Part-time jobs are considered significant by Indian students and other international students when they travel overseas to study. Not just do part-time jobs aid in lowering financial costs, but they also offer you work experience and social interaction.


Part-time jobs give you a whole experience of student culture and life. Based on the American students’ visa guidelines, you are permitted to work just 20 hours per week and only on campus. Students may work up to 20 hours a week once classes are in session and up to 40 hours a week when classes are not in session.

It is relatively easy to get jobs on campus at American universities. Additionally, these jobs are modified in such a way that they will observe all the visa guidelines. This article will detail The 11 Most Popular Part-time Campus Jobs for Students in the US.


Popular Part-time Campus Jobs for Students in the US


The 11 Most Popular Part-time Campus Jobs for Students in the US

Below are the 11 popular on-campus jobs you could take up at American universities.


1. Assistant Catering and Food Runners 

Catering assistants could be employed in university cafeterias. These jobs are best suitable for hospitality students because they can obtain on-the-job experience in catering. This does not guarantee that other students cannot go for this job. 

2. Sales Job

Sales jobs are one of the top part-time jobs in America for international students since this permits them to interact with others. Not just does it aid them in making some additional money, but it also permits them to blend into the new society. They can work as sales assistants at the campus grocery store, bookstores, clothing stores, etc.

3. Research Study Assistant 

A research study assistant gathers data or conducts research and supports professors in a specific subject. They also work with other researchers who need research assistants for any work. This job is most important and beneficial for those who want to take a Ph.D. or enter academia in the future.

4. Babysitter 

For sure, this can be an on-campus job, also! University workers, including professors and 

Administrative staff frequently favor college students when picking a babysitter. So, if you like to work with kids, check with your student employment/hiring office for openings. Babysitters make good cash (somewhere around $10-$15 an hour), and your hours will be used up differently on different days, depending on what age of children you are babysitting.

5. Barista 

Many college and university students live off coffee as they consider sleep a luxury. With so many thrilling things trending in their lives, coffee is the most demanded drink on campuses. If you like coffee, work as a barista, and you will know more about coffee, espresso, tea, and other drinks. You will be given worker reductions to save money on coffee.

6. Library Monitor 

Tasks in this job include upholding modesty and a quiet atmosphere in the college/university library and supervising study places. This job will provide you with a lot of quiet time to catch up on your studies or prepare for an upcoming exam. So alongside making some additional cash, you will be providing time for your studies, or if you’re a passionate reader, this job provides you a great chance to discover new works.

7. Teaching Assistant 

 You can request these academic posts if you are dedicated to your studies. There are two types of profiles: “teaching fellows,” typically graduate students. In contrast, “teaching assistants” could also be graduates but have fewer formal duties, such as giving out and gathering or collecting assignments. Few formal openings are available for this post, so you must link well with your professors.

8. Tour Guide 

 Campus tours are a well-known campus event in the US among potential students, candidates, and parents. Since the USA campuses are massive in size with a lot of historic architecture of importance, guided and remunerated tours are just a means to know the campus well. You can get this job in your second, third, or fourth year when you are familiar with your campus. You will report directly to your college’s Admissions Department in this job. This job needs you to be social and friendly so you can give group and individual tours and talk to prospective students about all the college offers.


9. Campus Tech Support 

Check with your computer support department for assistant job openings. If you are computer savvy or majoring in a technical field, seek a job at your school’s or university’s computer center. All American universities provide tech support to libraries, classrooms, and laboratories, so it is a vital job position to occupy. Furthermore, you will be needed to work only in case of emergencies so that you can concentrate fully on your studies through the downtime.

10. Production Assistant 

 USA universities are famous for the importance they place on extra-curricular events like dances, shows, comedy shows, and dramas. All these activities need a lot of behind-the-scenes and technical work. Thus, if you are interested in cultural concerts, this is an excellent job that will get you reimbursed, and you will get to view concerts free of cost as you work.

11. University Book Store Assistant 

 All universities and colleges have a bookstore built on campus that retails course books, reference books, and works of fiction, together with school supplies. It comes with the benefits of being on campus, and you might even receive worker discounts on books, stationery, or other supplies. You can reach the bookstore manager directly to learn about job openings.


Part-time jobs not only give you extra money, but you can gain on-the-job experience, which you may need soon.

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