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How to Renew an Australian Permanent Resident (PR) Visa

Australian Permanent Residency (PR) Renewal is obligatory when the time of your PR visa is about to be expired or wants to come to an end. To request the renewal, you can choose two methods: you can request a Resident Return Visa (Subclass 155 or 157) or Australian citizenship.


PR programs include the tagline, “International travel facility that permits you to leave and return to Australia for 5 years.” Before the permanent resident visa expires, you should renew your visa to have the same benefits. The processes for renewing an Australian Permanent Resident (PR) Visa are listed below.

 Renew an Australian Permanent Resident (PR) Visa


How to Renew an Australian Permanent Resident (PR) Visa

Here are the processes for renewing an Australian permanent visa:

1) Australia Permanent Residency Renewal Process

To uphold your Australian PR visa status, you should apply for a Resident Return Visa (Subclass 155 or 157).

Resident Return Visa (RRV):

A resident visa permits an individual to travel oversea when an Australia PR visa has expired or is about to be terminated. It is of two types; a Resident Return Visa (Subclass 155) and an RRV (subclass 157)


RRV (Subclass 155 and 157) is a travel facility program under Australian Immigration that permits you to go abroad and helps sustain your PR status. When the travel facility date of your Australian PR visa has expired or is about to be terminated, you can request it during that period. Traveling outside Australia before requesting a resident return visa may affect your citizenship. 

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Benefits of Resident Return Visa Subclass 155 and 157 :

The resident return visas (subclasses 155 and 157) are permanent visas that permit you to access the following benefits.

a) You can stay and work in Australia.

b) You could study in Australia.

c) You are allowed to support your eligible family members for PR.

d) You can request Australian citizenship if you meet the qualification requirements.


2) Australia Permanent Residency Renewal Requirements

To be qualified to request or apply for Australian PRR requirements, you should achieve specific requirements:

  1. It would be best if you were an Australian PR.
  2. It would help if you were a past Australian PR whose previous permanent visa was not annulled.
  3. A previous Australian citizen who lost or renounced their citizenship.
  4. You ought to meet the medical and character requirements.
  5. It would help if you were a passport holder.

3) Renewal Fee

The cost is AUD 405.

4) Permanent Residency Renewal Processing Time

The processing time might differ, and it can take the longest to be nominated if the applicant needs to meet the permanent residency requirements. Australian permanent residency renewal processing time might take up to 9-12 months.

5)The Benefits

After getting an Australian PRR, you may enjoy the benefits of a permanent residency visa entirely.

1) You may stay and be employed in Australia for 5 years.

2) You might complete your education or begin your new study course in Australia.

3) You may travel in and outside Australia several times until your visa is valid.

4)You are qualified to access Australian healthcare facilities.

5)You may support your family members for Australian PR.

6)You are qualified for Australian citizenship.


A permanent residency visa has a five-year travel allowance even though it is permanent and allows for long-term residence. If you want to travel after your five-year lapse, you have to request a resident return visa if you want to return without any problems.

To sustain your Australian permanent resident status, you should either meet a residence requirement in Australia or prove you have close ties to Australia.


Do I Have to Obtain a Temporary Visa Before Permanent Residency?

You will often be obligated to get a provisional visa in the same immigration category before you request a permanent visa. However, for some visa types within the family stream, you must simultaneously apply for a temporary visa alongside the permanent residency visa. For instance, you might concurrently request a temporary partner visa (subclass 820) and your permanent visa (subclass 801) since your temporary visa will permit you to live at will in Australia. In contrast, your permanent visa is being processed.

If there are no issues with your permanent visa application, you should get your permanent visa instantly after you obtain your temporary visa. But, if you don’t receive your permanent residency instantly, it may take up to 2 years or even more to process your permanent visa application.


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