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How to Immigrate to Australia from the Philippines in 2023



Australia is accepting fresh arrivals from the Philippines with PR in Australia in more than 400 occupations that Australia wants, including working holiday visas, student visas, and working visas. If you are interested in moving to Australia with PR or spending time working in Australia temporarily, this guide is meant for you.

Immigration to Australia from the Philippines has grown at an annual rate of 11.88 percent, making it one of the world’s leading migration paths for skilled human capital. Up to 300,000 Filipino citizens now call Australia their permanent home.


Australia Visa Application Processing Time

How to Immigrate to Australia from the Philippines in 2023

Below are the pathways through which you can immigrate to Australia from the Philippines:

How to apply to relocate to Australia from the Philippines on Skilled Migration

To relocate to Australia on skilled migration, a citizen of the Philippines must first meet the requirements with an eligible occupation. Then they score sufficient points to enter the Australian Expression of Interest (EOI) system.


Stages involved in Applying or Requesting Permanent Residency in Australia under their Skilled Migration

1. Know the Occupation in the Request

2. Score at minimum 65 on the Australian Points list

3. Obtain a Positive Skills Assessment

4. Go for an English Test

5. Show an Expression of Interest

6. Obtain an Invitation to Apply

7. Lodge Formal Application

8. Do Police Checks

9. Complete Medical Checks


10. Receive a permanent residency visa

How to move from the Philippines to Australia.

Many clients considering immigrating from the Philippines to Australia have an additional permanent move at heart, with the first visas to contemplate being the 189, 190, and 491 Australian Visa subclasses. The 189/190 Australian PR visa classes permit holders (and family members) to:

  1. Stay or live and work in Australia
  2. Come in and exit the country at will without the need for added visas
  3. Access Medicare (Australia’s world-class medical system)
  4. Education for Children
  5. Own Assets

And the holders of the 189 and 190 visa classes immigrating to Australia from the Philippines can change their PR visas to complete Australian citizenship. The 491 visas are referred to as skilled work regional visas, with 14,000 places assigned in a year. This is a skilled immigration (points tested) visa that continues for an initial five years and could be converted into full PR status.

The 491 needs either a state government proposal or qualified family member sponsorship in a nominated regional area. A 491 candidate should be under 45 and have a positive skills assessment.

Visa holders can immigrate between regional areas. Regional areas are any area exclusive of Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

Why Migrate to Australia from the Philippines?

There are several reasons why people wish to immigrate to Australia from the Philippines, for instance, to create a more fantastic future for their families, gain good work experience, advance their education, or abscond from the hustle and bustle of city life. Most people who immigrate to Australia from the Philippines have deep family ties or particular reasons for migrating. For most, it’s a lifetime dream; for others, it’s about space and the value of life. 

It can be about living near the ocean with massive sandy beaches. For some, it’s coming together with family; for others, it’s coming back to the place they made great memories as a student or during their time spent in Australia on their holiday visa or vacation.

Some people relocate to Australia to begin a fresh or new business, enlarge their existing business, or capitalize on the country’s numerous opportunities.

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How Long Does a Permanent Resident Stay Outside of Australia?


The most fantastic popular means to migrate to Australia are through being a Skilled Worker, Education, Temporary work that will lead to a long-term visa, or re-uniting with a family in Australia.

Each visa option needs different documents and has various processing times from 2 months to 18 months to get the visa.


1. How can I immigrate to Australia from the Philippines?

How to immigrate to Australia

1. Step 1: Research your employment options. Getting work.

2. Step 2: Request or apply for visa nomination (if necessary).

3. Step 3: Get a visa. 

4. Step 4: Get prepared to move. 

5. Step 5: Enter Australia and settle in.

2. How much money do you need in the bank to migrate to Australia?

Additionally, you should have more than $500,000 in assets and revenue or income of $65,000 (this can include a pension) to be eligible for one. Most younger individuals who migrate to Australia request a Skilled Migration Visa, which permits them to live and work inside the country.


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