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Australia Visa Application Processing Time 2022

To move to Australia, you must complete your visa application. But the problem is that you don’t know how long it will take to process your visa. Here are some details on Australia visa application time in 2022


Truthfully, there is no exact answer regarding how long it takes to process Australian visas. This is because they are constantly in flux, and there is no way to understand precisely how long it will be before you get any answer on your visa. Here are the Australia visa application processing times, so you can know how long it takes for the various visas to be ready. 

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Prioritization of on-hand visa applications by the Government

The Australian Government said it is working to reduce the time it takes to finalize visa applications by increasing the number of staff that process them. They are currently prioritizing the applications lodged by people outside of Australia, including student, temporary skilled, and visitor visas.

Australia Visa Application Processing Time 2022

Below is the Australian visa application time:

Visa processing times from slowest to fastest

The Australian Department of Home Affairs regularly updates its site with a detailed list of visa processing times. These times are averages, as the period may change depending on application volume, complex cases, and seasonal peaks.


The Australian migration skill stream

If you want to migrate to Australia, these are studied and work visa options to fill in the gaps in the labor market there. Below are the visa subclass, visa name, and processing times ( in days and months):  


Holiday working visa

A day

44 days 



Global Talent visa

32 days


3 months



Student visa – For the Higher Education sector

14 days

5 months



Student visa – the postgraduate research sector

twenty-two days

9 months



 A hundred and ninety days

the skilled nominated visa

3 months

eleven months



Skilled employer-sponsored regional visa – Employer Sponsored stream

Seventy-three days

twelve months



Skilled Work Regional visa – State/Territory

Seventy-nine days

12 months



Employer Nomination Scheme visa – Direct Entry

4 months

fourteen months



Skilled Work Regional visa – Family Sponsored Regional

3 months

twenty months



Business Innovation and Investment visa – Significant Investor stream

Seven months

Twenty-two months



Business Innovation and Investment visa – Business Innovation stream

15 months

Thirty-seven months



Provisional Skilled Regional Sponsored 

Twenty-eight months

thirty-seven months



Business Innovation and Investment visa – Investor stream

21 months

40 months



Recognized Graduate Route

Thirty-six months

41 months



Skilled Independent visa – Points Tested

34 months


 Australian migration visitor visas and family stream

These residential visas reunite permanent residents and Australian citizens with loved ones from other countries. Below are the visa subclass, visa name, and processing times (in days and months) :


Visitor visa – Tourist

Sixteen days

Four months



Visitor visa – Sponsored Family 

Twenty days

Six months



Partner Permanent visa 

7 months

23 months



Partner visa

8 months

27 months



Prospective Marriage visa

Eight months

Thirty-seven months



Partner visa (Provisional)

10 months

Thirty-eight months



Partner visa (Temporary) 

Six months

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 Factors that affect time visa processing 

Many factors can influence how long your Australian visa takes to process. And those factors include:

  • Depends on whether the documents for your visa application are complete and also all the supporting documentation included
  • It depends on the time taken to respond to Australian home affairs’ requests for additional information.
  • How long it requires to receive information from external agencies? This includes, but is not limited to, character tests, health tests, and national security requirements.
  • It depends on how many places are available in the immigration program.


In conclusion, the time for an Australia Visa application differs depending on the type of visa you choose and the time of the year you submitted your Visa application. 


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